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Add unique and hilarious entertainment to your event.


If unique entertainment is what you want, give us a shout!
From Pumpkin Spice Girls to T-Rexes to Monster Butts, this fun, joyful, visually-hilarious comedy and dance show will leave your face
hurting from all the laughter and smiles! 

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60 - 75 minutes

Our full show is great for a public events at performing arts venues or for a private events such as conferences, K-12 school activities, college/university entertainment. 

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"We hired Comedy Dance Chicago to headline our Comedy for Caregivers event, and they definitely exceeded our expectations. Their performance was hilarious and high-energy, while still being appropriate for a professional crowd. Their ability to incorporate current pop culture references, edgy dance choreography, and positive humor into a seamless interactive show is remarkable. Our attendees were praising their performance for days! The entire group was easy to work with, and I’d highly recommend them to any other group, unless that group wants to hire them for the same dates as we do!  ;)" 

Paul Osincup, President

Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor Annual Conference



30 minutes

Our abbreviated show is great for public events at performing arts venues or for a private events such as conferences, K-12 school activities, college/university entertainment, or other special events. 

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"Romona Elementary struck gold when we booked Comedy Dance Chicago

to come and entertain and inspire our students during Field Day. Sarah was very responsive with communication, accommodating our school needs, and just being completely flexible to make sure the event went off without a hitch. The show was high energy, appropriate for 4-10 year olds, and HILARIOUS. We loved their customizable skits they did for us. After 10 years of having various forms of entertainment come through our doors, this was easily the best one we've had. Thank you, Comedy Dance Chicago, we look forward to working with you again VERY soon."

Bill Schaaf, Physical Education Teacher

Romona Elementary School, Wilmette, IL



Time varies

Let us add some laughs to your event! We will perform up to five pieces at your conference, concert, dance recital, festival. 

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"Comedy in dance is difficult to pull off, but I had confidence that if anyone could pull it off, CDC could. With all the more dramatic dance works created each season, those works need emotional change and separation. CDC does this brilliantly and puts the audience in a completely different world. 

Most importantly, they laughed--enthusiastically. Reviews were outstanding, with noticeably large smiles."

John Schmitz, Artistic Director

Dance Chicago